A Fresh Start is Possible.

You Only Need to Know How.

Discover the 5 Essential Principles you need to get back on track, move forward, and live your dream. Be ONE in a Million. Begin your fresh start journey now.


About the Book

Could you use a fresh start in your finances, your career, your business, your marriage, your relationships, your family, your habits or your health? An early step towards a fresh start is identifying that specific area. Once you’ve identified that area, the next question you may have is, “How?” 

In Fresh Start, Nigerian-American author and speaker, Jokotade, teaches that a fresh start is more than a sudden occurrence, and more than a wish. A fresh start is a process. A fresh start is a journey - a journey that requires a plan.

"A fresh start is a journey - a journey that requires a plan."

Through stories from her life and the experiences of others, Jokotade provides you a compelling, easy to follow guide with steps to consider on your journey beginning right where you are.

Discover the 5 Essential principles to get back on track and move forward. You'll be inspired to dream and reach for the life you were born to live. The reality is none of us got to choose how we were born or even the names we were given at birth, but we can choose how we end. 

  • If you desire to be more and do more in any area of your life;
  • If your life hasn't gone as planned;
  • If you've suffered setbacks or failures;
  • If you've lost so much and don't know where to begin;
  • If you are lacking motivation and your life feels empty right now;

You no longer have to guess, wish and hope with no success. You can make a fresh start. You only need to know how. Order your copy to get started now.

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About the Author

Jokotade is a Nigerian-American author, speaker and thought leader on topics relating to women, business and leadership. She engages diverse audiences by sharing personal stories and insight with much passion, relevance and heart. Her audio and video programs equip listeners and viewers in over 100 countries. Get to know her when you visit her home online at


Sample from the Book

"A fresh start is a journey - a journey that requires a plan."

What Prompts a Fresh Start? 

In no particular order, I have observed that the desire for a fresh start is prompted by at least one of the following sources. I call these sources the fresh start triggers. If you are like me, I imagine you’ve experienced at least one, either by circumstance or by choice. At the end of the book I will introduce you to a fourth source that will be transformative to your fresh start journey. For now, let me walk you through the first three: 

  1. A sense of loss 
  2. A sense of lack 
  3. A sense of failure 

A Sense of Loss

If you have ever lost anything or anyone valuable, you understand the deep feeling of loss that can result. Perhaps you’ve lost your job, your home, your business, a loved one, a spouse, a dear friend, a child, or even a pregnancy. A sense of loss may trigger your desire for a fresh start. 

A Sense of Lack

If you are struggling to live within your means, if you have limited financial resources to support your everyday needs and obligations, if your life is lacking in love and support, a sense of lack may prompt a desire for a fresh start.

A Sense of Failure

If you feel you’ve failed yourself or the ones you love, if you’ve missed important life events, if you’ve had to face a divorce or separate from a loved one, if you are struggling at school or failing at work, if your bad habits have gotten in the way of your success, then a sense of failure may prompt your desire for a fresh start. 

I ask that you keep each of these three sources in mind as you journey through the book. As you’ll soon discover, this sense of loss, lack, or failure is a major opportunity crucial to inspiring your dream into action. Identifying the source that applies to you will give you a head start on your fresh start journey. {p.12 &13}

Notable Quotes from fresh START

"If you desire to move forward, your choice must lead the way." {p.52}

"The main difference between those who quit and those who move forward is just that: quitters stop moving forward." {p.84}

"The reality is that none of us got to choose how we were born or even the names we were given at birth, but I have found that each of us can choose how we end."  {p.29}

Let your schedule reflect your destination.{p.129}


"Life will change when you change; life will move when you move." {p.123}

"It’s your turn to reach: for the journey that you seek, for the person you’ll become, for the life you were born to live." {p.122}

"Commit to growing from your past. Commit to maximizing your present. Commit to planting for your future." {p.91}


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Fresh Start LIVE! 

Fresh Start LIVE is a beautiful evening of inspiration with author and speaker, Jokotade. During this event, Jokotade shares her story, speaks from the book and answers questions. Your audience will be inspired to dream and reach for the lives they were born to live. Bring Fresh Start LIVE to your city or group. Contact The Jokotade Organization for more details. 


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